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Game Features

80+ Challenging Puzzles

Face challenging pathfinding puzzles in a beautiful world you can spin, rotate, turn, and slide.

Multiple Characters

Play as several quirky, colorful characters by switching between them.

3 Fairytale Worlds

Experience a number of stunning, fairytale-like environments for forests, caves and castles.

Regain The Crown

Uncover the truth as you make your way through each level to the throne.

The Story


The Story

Once Upon a Time ...

Angelica, the rightful Queen of Roterra, has lost her kingdom to her older brother, Orlando – who has become addicted to the magical powers bestowed to those who wear the crown. She now finds herself deep in the forest, alone ... doing everything within her reach to return home! With traitorous knights hot on her heels, Angelica must face challenging puzzles and other hazards to make a safe return and reclaim her kingdom – one puzzle at a time.

Will you join Angelica’s side – and help her take fate into her own hands?

Explore A Magical Forest Of Cubes

Help Angelica Solve Cave Puzzles

Fairytale Castle Adventures

16th Century Inspiration in Roterra

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