In a small game studio in Bethesda Maryland one year ago it was time to launch one of our biggest projects.  Roterra - Flip the Fairytale was transformative both in the type of game and that is was for a commercial entertainment audience.  All systems go, we launched January 31, 2019 and the rest is history.

Our initial launch got a boost from Apple editors when it was selected for the feature “New Games We Love”.    It was exciting to see the recognition of the game by Apple and many reviewers.  Our next big day came when Apple featured us as “Game of the Day” in the US market and others later.  Then the Apple stories came and we knew that Roterra - Flip the Fairytale would have a lasting impact on puzzle gamers and the studio.

Reflecting on a year since our launch we can say that the love shared by our puzzle fans has been incredible. Many finish the game and requested more!  So we started to think about what was next. We knew that millions of cubes had been swiped for fun, joy and possibly with occasional frustration but should we step up the challenge?  We took a bit of a risk and decide to give Roterra a boost with an extreme version.  Our team got to work creating more puzzling fun.

On November 13, 2019 we launched Roterra Extreme - Great Escape.  The idea being that this would be a mini-sequel with only 10 levels, but more complex puzzles.  It turns out that perhaps it was not so mini. Some are reporting it is taking as long to finish this game as the last one.  As players began to dive into our new desert environment and new puzzle mechanics we landed in the New Year and some good new.  Apple editors selected our Roterra Extreme mobile puzzle game as Game of the Day January 2, 2020.  It was so exciting and we know that this never would have happened if not for our puzzle fans worldwide.

We are looking forward to 2020 as we decide on our next game and what lies in the future for Roterra.  Follow us on social media or join our community to stay up to date on updates and futures games.  On our anniversary all of us at Dig-iT! Games would love to say thank you for enjoying our game.  Please tell your friends to play our Roterra games because it would not be fair to keep this fun just to yourself.

The Roterra Team!