DiG-iT! Games is pleased to announce that Roterra® 3 - A Sovereign Twist is now available on Apple® TV delivering a completely new player experience to the big screen.  Enjoy the beautiful world of Roterra with our new controller support that will have you spinning and flipping cubes as fast as you can unravel our puzzles. 

Angelica and the other characters in Roterra are now bigger than life.  Some reviewers have claimed that they could play Roterra faster with game controllers than traditional tap play on iOS devices.  The game includes support with the Apple remote but we recommend game controllers if you have one.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Roterra 3 version 2.0 for iOS was also released on November 10, 2022 with the Apple TV debut.  Controller support has been completely replaced with the new Apple TV controller version, providing a new way to enjoy you iOS Roterra 3 game without an Apple TV device.  To get started, follow the support guidance from Apple on how to get your controller working with your iOS device. Once your controller is paired you should be able to use airplay to a larger screen or just play with a controller on your device.  We recommend PS4 or xBox controllers.




Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution Coming to Apple TV

An Apple TV game release has been on our wish list to accomplish for some time and we are love how it came together for our players.  Beginning with Roterra 3, it is our plan that all future Roterra puzzle games will include support for controllers and Apple TV.  Our new controller support has arrived just in time for the planned Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution release arriving this winter. Gorgeous new puzzles await those looking for more Roterra games.  It is now available for pre-orders on the App Store.   Here is a sneak peak at some puzzles we are working on subject to change when the game is ready for release.


 New Underwater Puzzle Area


Look Out For Some Fire and Ice In This Puzzle


Welcome To The Caves - Oh My A Castle Awaits!