Puzzle game lovers on Steam can experience the innovative game play found in the popular Roterra series - previously only available on mobile.  Players will travel through mysterious lava-filled caves, explore icy extremes and devastating deserts, and interact with the world of Roterra, where you might find yourself spinning your world upside down to solve the puzzle. For those that played our earlier games on Android this is your opportunity to catch up on the series. 

DiG-iT! Games® is excited to announce the release of Roterra® 4 – Magical Revolution and Roterra® 3 – A Sovereign Twist on the Steam Store. Can you find your way in a world where the ground shifts under your feet with every move? Spin, twist and turn cubes in a beautiful fairytale environment to solve complex, hand-built mazes in this unique puzzle series. The perspective challenging journey through gravity twists, scrambled paths and rotating blocks requires you to think creatively as you flip, toggle and shift your world across 125 puzzles where “up” is relative. Ride polar bears, fend off attacking scorpions, explore mysterious ice forests and lava-filled caves, and spin your world upside down with unique puzzling mechanics, but plan ahead: the path forward may be behind you!  Both games are also available as a discounted bundle.Roterra games are easy to start, hard to put down, and uniquely fun. Sometimes changing your perspective can make all the difference in solving the puzzles.  Both games provide hours our content to enjoy while immersing yourself in the beautiful worlds of Roterra.  “Just when you think you know how the world of Roterra works in Roterra 3, we have shifted perspective on everything, from new ways to flip, toggle and shift your path to new game-world interactions and more intricate team play in Roterra 4.” says Suzi Keehn, owner and lead game designer.  “We took every effort to ensure our port from mobile was a seamless transformation that gives Steam Deck, PC, Mac and Linux players the same amazing gameplay experience as mobile.” Beautiful on Steam DeckRoterra looks stunning on the new Steam Deck devices, providing fast handheld and docked action for puzzle players.  Enjoy the game while having your morning coffee in your breakfast nook – your only real-world decision will be how many cups of coffee you will drink before taking a break.Read the pull press release here. https://www.gamespress.com/Roterra---the-highly-rated-puzzle-game-now-available-on-the-Steam-Stor