DiG-iT! Games is proud to present the Fifth Anniversary Edition of Roterra®. Experience new challenging, but solvable, puzzles from the series that turned stereotypes of helpless damsels on their heads, cast the villain as the main character, and changed a teammate into a rival. With its unique puzzling experience, the Roterra games encourage our players to embrace the perspective changes that can help us solve problems, look below the surface, and grow in amazing new ways.  

New features:  

  • Select Individual puzzles  
  • New video walkthroughs for added help 
  • Earn coins and complete achievements
  • Select your character Updated graphics and gameplay 

Play the beta preview for a limited time using the following options:

Apple iOS users:    Join Here

Android users: Register Here

There will be a slight delay in access for Android users as we need to add you to an approved list.