Roterra™, an App Store featured mobile puzzle game, is now available in eight new languages with the new 1.1 release of the game.  This mind-twisting puzzle game built on a world of cubes, has been providing hours of enjoyment to players around the globe.  Featured in over 17 countries in the App Store, the game has been downloaded in over 60 countries. Now players can choose from the following languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.


Menu In German


Making the choice to include localization in the game was not a very complicated decision after seeing the downloads from around the world. The puzzle game is very light on text by design which is mainly restricted localization to menus and help sections. Our story panels are beautiful visuals, leaving the player to use their own imagination to piece together the back story in the game or simple move on to the next level for another challenging puzzle. There are more words that we translate for our App Store descriptions than actually in the game itself. The App store description also includes Dutch. 


Localizing your iOS Game
App Store Localization


Help Us Translate Roterra

Interested in seeing the game localized in your native language?  The following languages are supported by Apple but remain to be translated: 

Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian,  Malay,  Norwegian, Polish,  Romanian, Russian, Slovak,  Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish,  Ukrainian and Vietnamese

If you are interested in helping us translate to any of these languages through our crowd-source translation platform please contact us using our support form specifying the language you can provide. 


More on Roterra

A short description of our new iOS puzzle game.

Once upon a time, a daring princess defied stereotypes and took her fate into her own hands. 

Roterra is a unique puzzle game about shifting perspective, set in a magical world where “up” is relative. Roterra uses a new game mechanic unlike anything you’ve played before.  

Tap, press and swipe to guide Princess Angelica to the exit of 80 hand-crafted puzzles. You may have to flip the world on its head to traverse this realm of cubes, transforming trees into pathways, flat walls into staircases and revealing a new path at every turn.  

Take your time and plan your moves: in this perception-challenging world, things are rarely as they seem, and the correct path is often not the most obvious one. 

Puzzles have multiple solutions, so you can play over and over: “I am on my eighth trip through this game and am still finding more to love!” (Apple Reviewer). Can you find the rock spiders and other uniquely Roterran monuments? 


  • Original Game Mechanic with Intuitive Controls 
  • 80 Clever, Hand-Crafted Puzzles across 20 Levels of Hand-Painted Environments 
  • The Puzzles are part of the Story 
  • No Ads, No Timers, Just a Fun Mechanic and Satisfying Puzzles 
  • No Internet Connection Needed, Great for Commuting or Airplane Mode 
  • Buy Once, Play Forever 
  • Download over Wifi 
  • Exclusively on Mobile; Download the Roterra iMessage Stickers! 


Roterra is produced by Dig-iT! Games®, an independent game studio in Bethesda, MD