We have some great news to share with puzzle game fans around the world.  With a current App Store rating of 4.7/5 and less than three months after its release date, we are proud to announce that Roterra™ reached a major milestone by becoming the Game of the Day on US App Store on Friday, April 19! Editors from the App Store handpick one game each day that they think cannot be missed - and we could not agree more with this choice! We are honored that our innovative design and game play lead us to being featured! We are also very excited to see the Roterra puzzle adventure being enjoyed by so many people in the world.

“In a word, Sensational.” “Addictive.” “Amazing.” “Stunningly Beautiful.” “Definitely worth the money.”

These are the descriptions of Roterra straight from AppStore reviewers’ mouths. In addition to the prestigious ‘Game of the Day’ recognition we have also been featured in: New Games We Love, Top 5 This Week, Recommended New Game, Best Apps and Games in February, What We’re Playing, and Pay Once and Play and now featured in the Top Indie Games on the App Store.

Entering A Puzzle in Level 4 of Roterra

Team Snapshot

Sara, who was one of those involved in the design, testing and development of Roterra, shares how she felt about the puzzle designs and inspiration we drew from the Italian poem Orlando Furioso:

The poem has so many characters, I wanted to design puzzles that incorporated as many of them as possible. It also inspired a more fairytale-esque and whimsical appearance.

 It appears that Apple’s editors noticed the poetry roots of our puzzle game by recently featuring it in the Indie games category with the subtitle - Poetry in Puzzles.


Game of the Day

April 19, 2019 is a day we will never forget and thankfully, Apple keeps their game of the day stories in the App Store so we can always return to the store and see their write up by following this link.  The link requires you have an iOS device so we thought we would share the excellent story they wrote with our fans below:


Apple Feature Puzzle Game Story

After being booted from her castle and abandoned in the wilderness, Princess Angelica has to find a way to stop her brother from taking the crown. Though just finding her way through Roterra's rotating world is a challenge in itself. From cheery woodlands to dark catacombs and beyond, the world of Roterra is one giant, cube-shaped puzzle. The roads are jumbled and don't connect.

Fortunately, Princess Angelica has the power to shift the ground and create new pathways. You'll turn dead ends into bridges and barriers into doorways by rotating or flipping specially marked cubes to reveal roads. The fantasy scenery may look easy to navigate, but getting from start to finish can take dozens to hundreds of steps as you toggle switches and change flat land into staircases. Activating magical stones in the wrong order can make a river block your path or turn a walkway into an impassable wall.

But don't worry about getting claustrophobia. Roterra's incredibly smart level design means that you'll never get stuck. It only takes the right series of flips, switches, and shifts to findthe best way forward . Your throne awaits!

[source: Apple App Store - Roterra Stories]


#1 Puzzle Game App Store

Being featured as game of the day on the App Store is an amazing experience that is as exciting as launch day in many ways.  Roterra reached #1 and #2 in the App Store puzzle category for iPad and iPhone, respectively that day, which is a dream come true for an Indie developer like Dig-iT Games®.  We also climbed the charts to #28 for all games in the the App Store on the iPhone at one point that day.

Top in the charts for puzzle games


We can't say enough about how we appreciate the support from Apple in bringing further awareness to the game.

More on Roterra

Roterra has been featured in over 17 countries in the App Store including US, UK, Korea, and Japan, as well as being downloaded in over 50 countries so far. As a recap of the game in our gravity defying world for new readers, your job is to find the correct path for Princess Angelica and her friends. Guiding her through over 80 hand-crafted puzzles across 20 levels, you are sure to shift your perspective in this magical world where “up” is relative. You help Princess Angelica make her way through puzzles where you can spin, rotate, turn, and slide through three fairytale worlds.

This game is by far the best new game I have played in years! The developers created a world that is visually captivating. - Apple Reviewer

 Even after making your way through these mind-twisting puzzles, the fun does not have to end. That’s the great thing about the puzzles in Roterra is that remembering the solution is not always as obvious as one might expect. One player reported that they have played through it eight times finding more love every time! This confirms you can play over and over and keep finding fun with Angelica and her helpers. 

We are beyond excited that our players, as well as the AppStore, have shown Roterra such outstanding support! In the words of the Heroes and Handheld podcast,

“Go get it now, it’s fun.”  

You can listen to their podcast review of Roterra here.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased the game and sent us reviews.  Your support continues to make Roterra a success and we plan to give you more soon.