Board games have always been a great way to bring the family together.  How many memories of Monopoly, Jenga, Life and other games do you have with family? Video games like Mario Kart are also famous for pitting siblings and parents against one another (how many banana peels do I have left?) While some games are targeted for very specific age groups, which tends to leave others out, Roterra is a game that can be enjoyed by almost all ages.

Everyone is somehow connected to technology today, whether it be a phone, tablet, or computer. Many times we find ourselves preoccupied with our own devices, and as long as our children are playing age appropriate games we tend to be happy. Just because we are in the same room as our kids, this does not necessarily mean that we are getting quality family time together. Our devices are how we connect with loved ones, do business, and how we entertain ourselves. They are an essential part of our everyday lives and can be used to bond with our loved ones given the right opportunity.



Roterra Mobile Puzzle Game 

Enter Roterra™ – a game about a Princess (Angelica) who is working to reclaim her kingdom through completing a series of mind-challenging puzzles through three fairytale worlds. Not only does the game feature a strong female character who is brave, smart, and determined, but the puzzles themselves require critical thinking which provides a fun challenge for the whole family! 

Containing over 80 puzzles throughout three beautiful worlds, Roterra provides hours of entertainment. With several checkpoints throughout each level, players can spend as much or as little time as they would like to each time they play!

Excellent game!! Brill graphics with some thought provoking puzzles, and, good pace of play! - AppStore Reviewer

The story of Roterra is interesting and challenging enough to draw the attention of players of all ages. This is a wonderful game that the whole family can play together! Whether the family gathers around and takes turns twisting and turning the puzzle paths, or if everyone works together to figure out the best path for Princess Angelica to take, Roterra is the perfect game for the whole family to bond over.  




An easy way to keep the bonding experience going is for everyone to agree that the game will only be played while together. This could easily be formed into an evening ritual, perhaps after dinner, where the family works together to work through their current level of Roterra.  While Roterra does not support a leaderboard, you can challenge each other to finish a level first and see who wins when you complete all 20 levels.

The stunning graphics along with the story plot provides plenty of incentive to keep everyone interested in seeing where the game will go next. These puzzles solutions are not easy to remember, meaning that even after the family makes it all the way through the game, playing again will allow you to see what you may have previously missed and if you can beat your sibling or child this time!

Top Rated Puzzle Game

Roterra is a premium puzzle game currently available in the App Store. It has been featured by Apple as Game of the Day and include in feature collections including "New Games We Love" "Pretty Cool Puzzles" and "Beautiful Graphics". For the one-time price, Roterra can provide hours upon hours of bonding time with your family.  The game supports Apples Family Sharing plan.

Take on the challenge of helping Princess Angelica reclaim her kingdom while solving these twisting and turning puzzles together!