Roterra Indie Game of the month on ONEstore

Roterra – Flip the Fairytale, the critically acclaimed iOS puzzle game is now available on South Korea's ONEstore.

Developed by woman-owned studio Dig-iT! Games and inspired by a 16th century epic poem, Roterra invites you to rotate, flip and spin your way through 80 hand-built mazes as you guide brave heroine Angelica to find the path to reclaim her throne. We are very excited to bring another option to enjoy Roterra in the South Korean mobile game market.  The game is free to play with and in-app purchase for the full game after playing four levels.  During the month of November 2019 ONEstore users can take advantage of the event with a store coupon making the game virtually free.

Spiritual Successor to Monument Valley

Set in a magical world where “up” is relative, Roterra is unlike any game you’ve played before. Players are calling the addictive puzzler “a mashup of Monument Valley and Lara Croft Go,” “Best game I’ve played in iOS,” and “Excellent *spiritual* successor to Monument Valley.” Rotate, flip and spin specially marked cubes to shift the ground and reveal pathways. You may need to walk across the ceiling or down a wall to find your way. Take your time and plan your moves: in this perception-challenging world, things are rarely as they seem, and the correct path is often not the most obvious one. In this jumbled world you may need dozens of moves to complete the path and escape the maze, but don't worry about getting stuck: just flip a cube to find a new way out.

Roterra has been featured on the AppStore as Game of the Day in Korea and other countries and in Apple Editor stories, including 아름다운 그래픽, 2월 최고의 앱과 게임 and, most recently, in China in Featured Games for Mid-Autumn Festival. It currently has a 4.8 rating on the AppStore and consistently ranks highly for paid puzzle games. Roterra was selected as a participant for IndieMegaboth at Pax East and 2019 MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS) and as a top game pick for January 2019 by MacWorld.



---GAME FEATURES---  80 Unique, Hand-Crafted Puzzles over 20 levels  6+ hours of gameplay  The Puzzles are the Story: change your perspective to find the path  Multiple characters: cooperation is key!  Fairytale art style  Relaxing gameplay, no ads or timers

Android Puzzle Game Reaches New Markets

We are honored to have been selected by the team at ONEstore within 30 days of our launch of Roterra on Android. Korea is a top market for mobile gaming and ranking #6 for sales of Roterra on iOS. Our team appreciates the recognition of our indie puzzle game.


Unity Universal Distribution Portal

Our launch to the ONEstore was made easier by using the Unity Universal Distribution Portal that is currently a beta product.  We can see the value here in assisting small indie companies in reaching wider audiences through alternative Android stores worldwide.