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The Roterra Extreme - Great Escape is our most challenging of the Roterra mobile puzzle games.  Level 10 is currently our last level and some might refer to it as a boss level.  It is long and the logic is a bit tricky some times so we have posted a walk through to help you help Orlando on his way to the end of the game.

Official Level 10 Hints on YouTube

Here is the official link to the video -

Level 10 includes multiple puzzle area including an amazing 5 sided cube that is similar to a Rubik's cube that players have fallen in love with and so much more.

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Some of Roterra’s puzzles are pretty tricky. If you get stuck, try these tips:

  • Perspective matters! Move your character or switch to a different character to change your view of the board, you might see something you missed
  • Turn on hints in the in-game menu to show the cubes moved by each toggle or pressure plate
  • Sometimes you can get so turned around that starting over is the best option: tap reset in the in-game menu to restart from the last save point
  • Send us a note on Facebook or Twitter for personalized hints or using our contact form.
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We love replaying levels too! Any level you have already played is available to play again. To access them select PLAY from the main menu and scroll through until you find the level you want to replay. This is a great way to show your friends your favorite puzzles or worlds. Enjoy! 


Select Levels
Level Select Screen
Scroll Unlocked Levels
Scroll Between Levels

 Hint:  It is best to finish your current level before going back to play another level so that you do not lose your progress within a level.  

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Play Roterra

Roterra uses three simple gestures for all actions: tap, long press and swipe.

TAP: tap along a path to move. Your character will move to the location tapped

LONG PRESS: press and hold on a cube to spin it


Roterra World Spins Cubes


SWIPE: swipe a cube to rotate it 


How to Rotate Cubes in Roterra

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Cubes that can be spun or rotated have a symbol on the corners: a triangle for spin and a square for rotation. The symbols change to fit each environment but the shapes remain the same.

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Our Roterra games have an option to turn hints on during play. Hints are only available for specific items in the game to help players understand what the crazy world of Roterra is doing.


Where Are My Hints?

When you have hints on and you turn a crystal toggle or step into one of our "Toggle Houses or pressure plates" indicators will appear on the screen showing what blocks are being affected by the toggles.  The indicators vary by the envrionment ex. colored crystals in the caves.  

In the image below you can see that the blue sunken toggle house shows blue crystals for the cubes it affects.  The toggle house Orlando is stepping into shows the orange crystals on the cubes it affects.  The hints activate the first time you trigger the toggles.  The hint indicators are on the four sides of the cube. If affected by multiple toggle types, multiple colors will show.


Here is an example of a castle environment in the Roterra game with the small rectangular hint indicators on.


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We think the music and sound effects add to the gameplay experience, but if they’re not your thing you can toggle them on or off from the in-game menu or the settings menu. If you are having trouble hearing the music, make sure your device is not set on “silent.”

Ours or Yours - You Choose


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In the game be on the look out for crystal toggles. You activate a toggle with by pressing and holding the toggle like the cubes.  Activating a toggle magically affects the lands of Roterra that help Angelica or her friends move forward.

Crystal Toggles
Crystal Toggle
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In our Roterra games you will eventually be faced with some stone knights that are blocking your way.  

How do you move these knights in Roterra?  


The knights are controlled by the game and move out of the way in the same way a character moves forward -- the path must be clear.  There is a flag post associated with each knight.  

Align a clear path for the knight to the flag pole and the world of Roterra will move it to the pole out of your way automatically.




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