Roterra is sold on the AppStore and can be played on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12. If you are having difficulty downloading the game make sure you have the latest version of iOS 12 installed on your device. If you are unsure how to do this or continue to have problems send us a note and we’ll be happy to help.

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Orlando Furioso is a 16th century epic poem written by Ludovico Ariosto. The poem is over 38,000 lines long and has a complex story that explores love, war, and chivalry, and challenges many medieval stereotypes, including those of women, race, and religion. The title of the poem translates to “The Madness of Orlando,” but Orlando is only one of a large cast of characters whose stories intersect in interesting and often unexpected ways. Many times in the poem the reader is forced to reevaluate their understanding as a story told from one point of view turns out to be very different when seen from another perspective.

The plot of the poem centers on the story of Orlando and Angelica: Orlando, a paladin of Emperor Charlemagne, is madly in love with Angelica, a princess from Cathay. Angelica, not interested in being given away as a prize, daringly runs away and has numerous adventures as she travels the world trying to escape Orlando. She eventually runs into a wounded knight, with whom she falls in love. When Orlando discovers their love he goes into a berserk rage and destroys everything in his path until his friend Astolfo flies to the moon on a hippogriff, recovers Orlando’s wits and restores him to sanity. A secondary plot line tells the story of Bradamante, a female knight, and Ruggiero and their illicit interfaith love. Throughout the poem Angelica and Bradamante encounter sorceresses, a wizard, orcs and numerous challenges they must overcome, often with the help of others.

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Orlando Furioso was ahead of its time in both structure and content and has influenced numerous works of art, music and literature including Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing, Don Quixote, operas by Vivaldi and Handel and modern fiction and fantasy. Our female owner/lead designer was drawn to the strong female characters in the poem, who repeatedly challenge medieval perceptions of women as mere accessories, and to the perspective-altering themes that are central to the plot, where a changed point of view can flip your understanding of a situation on its head.

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Don Quixote

Much Ado about Nothing

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The characters in the game are Princess Angelica, her evil brother King Orlando, a helpful wizard and several knights who support either Angelica or Orlando.  The characters are inspired from the poem Orlando Furioso

King Orlando
The Wizard
The Knights
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Roterra is a land of wild magic that defies gravity and changes the landscape in unexpected ways. The Queens of Roterra have the ability to counter this wild magic and restore the landscape. When Angelica was young, her mother, the Queen, was killed in a terrible accident. Since Angelica was too young to rule, her brother Orlando was appointed as regent. Although the magic of Roterra is limited to the female royal line, a special magical rite temporarily gave the magic to Orlando while he wore the crown. But sadly, Angelica’s brother was driven mad by the power of the magic and was unwilling to give it up when she came of age. And so he concocted a scheme to get rid of his pesky little sister: on her 18th birthday, as Angelica traveled to her coronation, Orlando ambushed her, planning to throw her off a waterfall far from any witnesses.

Angelica instinctively used her magic to escape and survived his treachery, but ended up alone, far from her castle. Now, unsure who to trust, she must travel through dangerous forests and eerie caves to confront her brother and claim her crown. Although Orlando tries to block her at every turn, Angelica learns how to use her magic to manipulate the landscape and discovers that she has friends she can rely on. With each challenge, Angelica’s confidence grows as she makes her way home to repay Orlando for his treachery….

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Roterra Extreme - Great Escape™ is a mini-sequel to the popular and highly rated Roterra Flip the Fairytale™.  Changes include more challenging puzzles and Orlando now exploring the world of Roterra. The title is initially available on the App Store.

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Music for Roterra Extreme has been produced by award-winning composer Tapani Siirtola recently known for composing music for the last season trailer of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones.  You can hear a sample of the music produced for a cave level on Sound Cloud.

The original Roterra - Flip the Fairytale is available on the AppStore, Google Play and ONEstore.

The game is published by Dig-iT! Games®

Below - "The Pit"  In Level 5 of Roterra Extreme - Great Escape

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Roterra is a combination of two Latin words: rotare, which means to turn and terra, which means earth.  

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Roterra began as an educational game concept, but we quickly realized that we needed a larger canvas to convey the perspective shifts inherent in Orlando Furioso, the 16th century poem that inspired the game. The cube-shifting game mechanic creates a physical environment of forced perspective changes and reevaluation of situations, reflecting the themes of the poem and representing our protagonist Angelica’s inner turmoil as she overcomes the betrayal of her beloved brother Orlando and conquers physical obstacles to emerge from her adventure transformed and empowered. The constant changes in perspective are not only a core feature of the gameplay but the of the narrative itself, prompting players to see female agency and power in a whole new light. Our goal with Roterra is to inspire players to look beyond stereotypes, to reinforce that things are not always as they seem on the surface, and to see the value of changing perspectives to solve problems.

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Our guiding design principle was that Roterra is a world with no “up:” when a character walks over the edge of a board, gravity shifts with them and parts of the environment pop up and down. We began with paper prototypes of puzzles and developed over 100 puzzle concepts that were refined and modified to create the puzzles in Roterra. Our design team lived and breathed puzzles for over a year-- we even created brownie versions of puzzles at our Holiday party!

Food in Game Design
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Dig-iT! Games’ Suzi Keehn looked back 500 years ago to the epic Italian poem Orlando Furioso for inspiration. The rest is history.

The central game mechanic evoked the perspective shifts of the 16th century epic poem Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, in which stereotypes are turned on their heads – and it is truly the journey that matters … not the destination. The strong female characters in the poem, who repeatedly challenge medieval perceptions of women as mere accessories, resonated with the team; this resulted in Angelica – the fearless central character of Roterra who overcomes the betrayal of her beloved brother and numerous environmental challenges to regain her rightful place as Roterra’s Queen. Themes are woven throughout Orlando Furioso that repeatedly force the reader to question what they believe to be true: a story told from one perspective turns out to be remarkably different when seen from another character’s point of view; the line between hero and villain is constantly in flux; and stereotypes are constantly challenged. Our designers internalized these forced shifts of perception as they worked to create the world of Roterra – where orientation changes at the push of a button.

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Orlando and The Griffon
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