Where did Roterra come from?

Roterra began as an educational game concept, but we quickly realized that we needed a larger canvas to convey the perspective shifts inherent in Orlando Furioso, the 16th century poem that inspired the game. The cube-shifting game mechanic creates a physical environment of forced perspective changes and reevaluation of situations, reflecting the themes of the poem and representing our protagonist Angelica’s inner turmoil as she overcomes the betrayal of her beloved brother Orlando and conquers physical obstacles to emerge from her adventure transformed and empowered. The constant changes in perspective are not only a core feature of the gameplay but the of the narrative itself, prompting players to see female agency and power in a whole new light. Our goal with Roterra is to inspire players to look beyond stereotypes, to reinforce that things are not always as they seem on the surface, and to see the value of changing perspectives to solve problems.

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