What is Roterra Extreme

Roterra Extreme - Great Escape™ is a mini-sequel to the popular and highly rated Roterra Flip the Fairytale™.  Changes include more challenging puzzles and Orlando now exploring the world of Roterra. The title is initially available on the App Store.

Official Game Trailer

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Roterra Extreme - Great Escape Official Website

Music for Roterra Extreme has been produced by award-winning composer Tapani Siirtola recently known for composing music for the last season trailer of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones.  You can hear a sample of the music produced for a cave level on Sound Cloud.

The original Roterra - Flip the Fairytale is available on the AppStore, Google Play and ONEstore.

The game is published by Dig-iT! Games®

Below - "The Pit"  In Level 5 of Roterra Extreme - Great Escape

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