What is the storyline of Roterra?

Roterra is a land of wild magic that defies gravity and changes the landscape in unexpected ways. The Queens of Roterra have the ability to counter this wild magic and restore the landscape. When Angelica was young, her mother, the Queen, was killed in a terrible accident. Since Angelica was too young to rule, her brother Orlando was appointed as regent. Although the magic of Roterra is limited to the female royal line, a special magical rite temporarily gave the magic to Orlando while he wore the crown. But sadly, Angelica’s brother was driven mad by the power of the magic and was unwilling to give it up when she came of age. And so he concocted a scheme to get rid of his pesky little sister: on her 18th birthday, as Angelica traveled to her coronation, Orlando ambushed her, planning to throw her off a waterfall far from any witnesses.

Angelica instinctively used her magic to escape and survived his treachery, but ended up alone, far from her castle. Now, unsure who to trust, she must travel through dangerous forests and eerie caves to confront her brother and claim her crown. Although Orlando tries to block her at every turn, Angelica learns how to use her magic to manipulate the landscape and discovers that she has friends she can rely on. With each challenge, Angelica’s confidence grows as she makes her way home to repay Orlando for his treachery….

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