New Puzzle Fun

Roterra 3 Has Arrived

The puzzle game that hit the App Store by storm is back with a third chapter in this puzzling fairytale story where up is relative. Our largest Roterra game to date includes updated art, new puzzle mechanics, and camera options. Loyal fans and new players will enjoy an incredible mind twisting game experience. The story continues with Angelica counting on you to help her maintain the crown she recovered in Flip the Fairytale. The team at DiG-iT! Games is happy to bring you this newest title to the Roterra series and promises more in the future for our puzzle lovers.

New Art

Explore the new arctic and swamp land levels

24 Levels

50+ Puzzles to solve

All New Environments and Moods

New Camera Options

Pinch and Zoom Camera

Our most requested has finally arrived -  player camera control using pinch and zoom gestures.  Released in version 1.1 for Roterra 3, players can control the camera while playing the gameusing pinch and zoom.  An icon will appear on the screen when you are in this override mode.  You can return to the preset game camera system by simply clicking on the icon.  We are very happy to deliver this player requested feature in our newest Roterra puzzle game.

Birds-Eye View Camera

Roterra 3 includes a new camera features that allows you to explore the puzzle in Roterra like never before.  Enter the bird's-eye view camera from the lower left of our level screen.  Play will pause and you can adjust the camera for a close in shot or a wide view to help you solve the puzzle.  Once you exit this view play can continue.  Read more here.  Once you have completed Roterra 3 go back and find new views like those in the gallery below.

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