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Roterra 4 - Magical Revolution

Roterra® 4 – Magical Revolution, goes live January 31 on the App Store and on Steam this spring. Roterra 4 continues the Roterra gameplay, graphics and fairytale storyline that have earned numerous accolades from Apple editors, but with even more twists and perspective shifts. Just when you think you know how the world of Roterra works, we have shifted perspective on everything, from new ways to flip, toggle and shift your path to new game-world interactions and more intricate team play. Our exciting Penrose staircase maze literally changes your perspective and even our character relationships have been turned upside down: with the wizard surprisingly taking center stage in the battle for the crown of Roterra and controlling the world in new ways, former enemies Angelica and Orlando are forced to work together to save their realm.

Its Getting Hot!

New Lava Levels

Animals Awakened

Roterra's animals might not be friendly

Roterra 4 Screenshots

New Puzzle Fun

DiG-iT! Games® is  a women-owned studio located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA