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Roterra 4 - Coming Soon

Roterra® 4 – Magical Revolution, has been published for pre-orders on the App Store. Set in magical world of Roterra, where “up” is relative, the path forward is questionable, and the Wizard(s) are at work conjuring up more twists and turns to defeat you. Fissures in the ever-moving landscapes of Roterra reveal new subterranean caves with bio-luminescent water and piping hot lava. The journey could not be more perilous for all, but fear not, everyone has magical powers in Roterra, and the magical revolution might not be as successful as the Wizard(s) planned.

Its Getting Hot!

New Lava Levels Incoming

Beautiful Caves

Stunning Luminescence Water Levels

Sneak Peak

Lava Prototypes

DiG-iT! Games® is  a women-owned studio located in Bethesda, Maryland, USA