Roterra Extreme -
Great Escape

Orlando is lost and defeated. Escaping the castle after losing his crown he eventually lands in the cruel and hot desert lands of Roterra. In our second game in the series, the puzzle challenge ramps up, but we promise every level can be completed. Roterra is unlike anything you’ve played before and why the editors at Apple selected Roterra Extreme for Game of the Day once again.

  • Launched:November 2019
  • Price:See Store Links
  • US App Store Rating:4.7/5 Stars

Orlando is Lost!

Available on the App Store and Google Play

A Story and Puzzles

Time To Play The Villan!

Roterra Extreme takes perspective-shifting to a new level with very hard puzzles from the start and a villain as the main character. “The world of Roterra is built on changing perspective” says Dig-iT! founder Suzi Keehn. “With Roterra Extreme we wanted to extend that perception shift to the structure of the game itself. Instead of the expected slow learning curve, we throw players right into the deep end with intense new challenges and unexpected mechanics. The puzzles are hard, but all are solvable with a little creative thinking.”

Our Most Challenging Puzzles
All new hand-crafted puzzle across 10 packed levels will have you playing for hours.
Beautiful Music
All new music composed by award winning composer Tapani Siirtola. His past work includes the trailer for the season finale of HBO's Game of Thrones series.

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