How Do Hints Work? Featured

Our Roterra games have an option to turn hints on during play. Hints are only available for specific items in the game to help players understand what the crazy world of Roterra is doing.


Where Are My Hints?

When you have hints on and you turn a crystal toggle or step into one of our "Toggle Houses or pressure plates" indicators will appear on the screen showing what blocks are being affected by the toggles.  The indicators vary by the envrionment ex. colored crystals in the caves.  

In the image below you can see that the blue sunken toggle house shows blue crystals for the cubes it affects.  The toggle house Orlando is stepping into shows the orange crystals on the cubes it affects.  The hints activate the first time you trigger the toggles.  The hint indicators are on the four sides of the cube. If affected by multiple toggle types, multiple colors will show.


Here is an example of a castle environment in the Roterra game with the small rectangular hint indicators on.


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