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Title:  Roterra


DIG-IT! Games


Bethesda, Maryland USA

Release Date 

January 31, 2019 iOS


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Press Quotes

The best iOS games from January -"I’m particularly fond of Roterra: Flip the Fairytale, which reminds me that mobile games still have the power to deliver experiences that differ significantly from what you’ll get on other gaming platforms.
-Leif Johnson - (Macworld)

“If Minecraft was too intense for you, but you still like its style, you can relax and solve some puzzles in the same block-style graphics of Roterra.”
– Cristina (TouchTapPlay)

“I’m really enjoying the game and would highly recommend it to any puzzle fans.”
– AppUnwrapper

Game Description

Can you find your way in a world where the ground shifts under your feet with every move? Slide and rotate cubes in this gravity-defying world to find the correct path for Princess Angelica and her friends. Flip the world and you may just discover that the journey matters far more than the destination – and that stereotypes are not to be trusted.

Betrayed by her brother Orlando and left alone in a magical forest, Princess Angelica must traverse a world of cubes to gain her rightful place as Queen. But this Princess is no damsel in distress–she has the power to literally change the world! Join Angelica on a journey of discovery as she harnesses the magic of Roterra and creates the path to her destiny.

Key Features

  • Original Game Mechanic with Intuitive Controls 
  • 80 Clever, Hand-Crafted Puzzles across 20 Levels of Hand-Painted Environments 
  • The Puzzles are part of the Story 
  • No Ads, No Timers, Just a Fun Mechanic and Satisfying Puzzles 
  • No Internet Connection Needed, Great for Commuting or Airplane Mode 
  • Buy Once, Play Forever 
  • Download over Wifi 
  • Exclusively on Mobile; Download the Roterra iMessage Stickers


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Monetization Permission

DIG-IT! Games allows the contents of Roterra to be published through video broadcasting services of any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Roterra and explicitly allowed by DIG-IT! Games.



DIG-IT! Games Team

Suzi Keehn
Stuart Claggett
Rob Coakley
Andy Collins
Tyler Gregg
Jesse Ozog
Sara Platner
Matt Zeosky

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